Chemical Solutions

Advanced Control Solutions

Capstone Technology has successfully implemented hundreds of advanced control applications across a variety of process industries. Contact us today to discuss your advanced control and optimization challenges.

Applied Advanced Control Solutions

Pulp & Paper

Continuous Cooking

  • Pulp quality prediction and control
  • Digester operations stabilization
  • Species, grade change prediction, & control

Brown Stock Washing

  • Pulp cleanliness prediction and control
  • Weak black liquor solids control
  • Inventory management prediction and control

Recovery Boiler

  • Consumed air control
  • Combustion stability prediction and control
  • Boiler throughput maximization control

Paper Making

  • Paper quality prediction and control
  • Grade transition control
  • Machine speed optimization


Crude Unit

  • Charge maximization
  • Product quality prediction and control
  • Heater firing controls/pass balancing

Catalytic Cracker

  • Charge maximization
  • Product quality prediction and control
  • Severity control


  • Reactor conversion control
  • Weighted average bed temperature (WABT) control
  • Main fractionator distillate quality prediction and control

Vacuum Distillation Unit

  • Maximize feed rate
  • Product quality prediction and control
  • Reduce specific energy consumption


Air Separation Unit

  • Product quality control
  • Pipeline pressure control
  • Rate transition control
  • Energy minimization

Cement Kiln

  • Free lime quality control
  • Temperature profile stabilization
  • Product quality soft sensors
  • Specific energy minimization
  • Automated product cooler controls

Biomass Boiler

  • Biofuel utilization optimization
  • Greater capacity swing capability
  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Decreased ash fuel loss

Real-time Optimization

Energy Management

  • Multi-boiler steam header control and cost optimization
  • Fuel mix optimization (oil, gas, biomass, waste fuels)
  • Real-time electrical power production planning
  • Boiler, turbine, energy system process and cost modeling
  • Plant hot water system control and optimization

Chemical Plant Cost Optimization

  • Plant wide modeling and offline analysis of throughput potential
  • Rapid plant and quality model development technology
  • Linear and non-linear optimization capabilities
  • Integrated process and sensor fault detection and reconcilliation
  • Steam and utilities plant energy coordination and optimization