PID Control Loop Tuning Tool

Model-based tuning approach eliminates guesswork

Intuitive graphical interface lowers the learning curve

Valuable tool for both engineers and technicians

Key Features

Fully Integrated Solution

ControlTUNE is a PARCview and MACSsuite add-in used to calculate PID loop tuning coefficients. Simple to deploy plant-wide, ControlTUNE doesn’t tie you to a single tuning workstation. Documentation is simplified and automatically enforced via automatic database capture of tuning coefficients, loop response model and tuning data.

Model Based Approach

The ControlTUNE algorithms use plant bump test data to develop a transfer function model of the input-output response. Plant test data can be either open or closed-loop, even for cascaded loops.

Easy and Convenient to Use

Users simply right-click on any PARCview trend to access the ControlTUNE interface. Tuning a loop is a simple, 5-step process

  1. Perform plant test
  2. Build model
  3. Select PID form
  4. Select closed-loop response time
  5. Click to calculate new tuning parameters (All major DCS PID algorithms are supported).

Cost Effective Licensing

ControlTUNE is a simple upgrade to any PARCview or MACSsuite installation.

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