Real-Time Plant Quality Prediction

Measure crucial variables in real time Enhance plant performance Improve system fault detection Built-in 3rd party support

Are You Getting The Most From Your Plant?

MACSestimator™ provides a cost-effective way to deliver quick, accurate measurements of product quality, enabling you to optimize processes and keep your plant operating at peak performance.

Key Features

On-line Property Estimator

MACSestimator is the online property estimator and sensor validation application within the MACS software suite. Commonly referred to as a “soft sensor”, the technology is used for online lab analysis prediction and lab test statistical validation, as well as continuous sensor fault detection.

Live Data Analysis

MACSestimator Soft Sensors read live data – such as temperatures and pressures – from the plant and use them to calculate estimated product quality attributes. Soft sensor models can be based on first principles or developed through techniques such as PCA/PLS Multivariate Analysis, Neural Networks, or Time-Series Analysis.

Cost Effective

Predictive soft sensors offer a cost effective way to provide accurate and quick “measurements” which can be used for process quality monitoring, closed loop control and sensor fault detection. With this additional information made available through Capstone’s soft sensor technology, it is possible to make better, timely, and more informed decisions.


The inferred properties estimated by Capstone’s soft sensors can be used multiple ways; sent to the operators as information, used as inputs for diagnostic systems, or used directly as controlled variables in conventional or predictive control applications.