Real-Time Plant Optimization Tool

Nonlinear Objective Function Flexible Plant Model Options Reliable Operation at Low Cost
of Ownership
Seamless MACS Multivariable Control Integration

Close the Loop on Real-Time Plant Optimization

MACSoptimizer™ reinvents real-time optimization. Designed for the plant engineer, the software enables end users to quickly design and deploy optimization solutions that work continually to achieve maximum operating potential.

Key Features

Keep It Simple

Capstone uses advanced statistical methods to mine plant historians for plant operating models. Rather than man years of effort traditionally required for RTO, Capstone’s optimization approach brings benefits online within weeks.

RTO Process Model

MACSoptimizer rethinks traditional RTO. Seamlessly integrated with Capstone’s MACS multivariable controller, plant wide optimization starts with time-series models from existing advanced controls and leverages these into an optimization framework. Data mining process and cost models augment the framework to give a full picture of the process relationships.

Designing for Success

The shared model and cascade structure of MACSoptimizer offers several benefits that keep the application online, earning money. First, the optimization framework supports a lower level plant control solution that is broken into several smaller, easy to tune MACS applications. Similarly, the cascade structure does not require all regulatory loops or MACS controllers to be active.

Provided degrees of freedom are available, MACSoptimizer will calculate an optimum plant state and send directives that move the plant toward an optimal operating point.