Advanced Process Control Software

Maximize Product Uniformity Reduce Energy costs Improve Plant Productivity Easily Maintained by Site Personnel

Automatically optimize your process across all operating ranges.

Reduce energy costs, improve plant productivity and maximize product uniformity
with our proven autopilot for industrial processes.

Key Features

Complete Advanced Control Solution

Featuring model predictive control, real time optimization and system identification applications, MACSsuite requires no proprietary hardware and practically runs itself.


Rigorous optimization delivers superior decoupling and control performance. Because it handles hundreds of variables, MACSsuite can be configured for high-level, plant-wide economic optimization.


Pays for itself quickly, offering a high return on investment almost immediately in terms of energy and material savings. Faster commissioning, high operator acceptance and superior results translate to lower cost of ownership than other solutions.


Designed to work across all operating ranges. Using dynamic process models, it controls process variables to specific targets or within constraint limits. It can be formulated to achieve an economic optimization while simultaneously satisfying product quality targets and process constraints.